#HackFrankfurt 2020
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OK Lab Frankfurt presents
International Open Data Day Hackathon

#HackFrankfurt 2020

Saturday, 25 April 2020
10 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Die Zentrale Coworking
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Smart City air quality data for and by its citizens

We'll work on visualizing air quality data in real-time. We'll build nice sensor kits for bikes and anything mobile. And we'll reach out to partners and develop a concept for improvement of air quality throughout the city and maybe even classrooms.

Citizenship means much more than just to cast one’s vote.

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Why #HackFrankfurt?

The right mixture of people (incl. awesome mentors) and sensor hardware will be present (ideally bring your own, microUSB cable mandatory: >more info<) to make this hackathon a nice opportunity to help work on applications for citizens that inspect the air quality of our city.

Basically Smart City and IoT but with citizens and privacy in mind.

We dislike surveillance as well and favor high privacy standards. So if people want to make it useful only for themselves, that's OK.

Help us publish air quality data, protect citizen privacy, tinker on sensor kits, visualize real-time data and enable analyses for the greater good. Everybody makes a difference. Whether it's merely somebody caring for air quality or someone who'll jump right into these topics.

The Agenda

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Join #HackFrankfurt

Joining the hackathon is free of charge, but >hardware< and seats will be limited.
You are allowed to just show up, but please join the OK Lab Frankfurt Meetup group
(aka Code for Frankfurt) and add yourself to the list of participants with the link below.
This will help us in cost and hardware planning and we can keep in touch if you opt-in.

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